State of Rugby Union: 2024 – Australia Report


Dear Australian Rugby fans,

Thank you to all those who took part in the State of Rugby Union: 2024 survey. It is the first of its kind in Australia, and by contributing you have helped others see what fans actually think about the state of Australian Rugby, and what steps they believe need to be taken to revitalise the sport.

You can download the full report by inputting your details below.

The results of the research report have also featured exclusively in The Australian. Chief Sports Writer, Jessica Halloran, gives her analysis of the findings, here.

As a Sports Advisory firm, and of course, Rugby Union fans, Freshwater Strategy was pleased to conduct the project. It was designed to give all Australians a better understanding of where the sport is right now, and where it’s heading.

Your feedback will help the entire Rugby Union community have a clearer understanding of the views of fans. We hope you find the contents of the report useful, and feel a little more informed about the game we all love.

Thank you again for your participation, enjoy the report.

The Freshwater Strategy Insights team


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