Dr Michael Turner writes in The Post ahead of New Zealand’s General Election

Freshwater Strategy Director, Michael Turner writes for The Post about the upcoming General Election in New Zealand. In it he outlines the choice Kiwis face, the contrast with previous elections, and the voters who will likely decide the result.

He writes:

Since The Post/Freshwater Strategy poll was published at the start of the 2023 campaign, its results have been closely replicated by most of the major polling firms in New Zealand. This campaign is ‘’flatlining’’. There’s no denying it, very few minds have been changed so far. With a week to go until party hacks can put down their placards, the opinion polls look much the same as when they were first picked up.

However, one thing that has struck me about this election, is just how many Kiwis are holding back. Back in August, around one in 11 voters (9%) said they were undecided about how they would vote. That’s around 300,000 voters who, over the course of the campaign, should be making up their mind. Not so.

Continue reading the article on The Post, here.

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