AFR / Freshwater Strategy ‘Voice’ Polling

The latest AFR/Freshwater Strategy poll shows a significant decline in support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, coinciding with increased public awareness of the referendum proposal.

Support for a “Yes” vote now stands at 33 percent, marking a 15-point drop since the AFR/ Freshwater poll in May. In contrast, the “No” vote has solidified at 50 percent, with 17 percent of respondents undecided.

AFR’s Phil Coorey writes; “This poll not only underscores the direct correlation between the decline in support and increased public understanding of the proposal but also reveals a mounting frustration with the government, particularly concerning the cost of living.”

The nation’s directional outlook has also shifted, with only 31 percent believing the country is heading in the right direction—a 6-point decrease from the previous AFR/Freshwater poll in May.

Find the published results, here.

Methodology Note

Freshwater Strategy interviewed n=1,003 eligible voters in Australia, aged 18+ online, between 22-24 September. Data are weighted to be representative of voters.

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