Leo Shanahan discusses US politics & FWS polling on Sky News with Sharri Markson

Freshwater Strategy Director Leo Shanahan says it’s clear former president Donald Trump is likely to be indicted which doesn’t stop him from running for the 2024 presidential election.

“It’s pretty clear that Donald Trump is likely to be indicted, he’s made that pretty clear,’ Mr Shanahan told Sky News host Sharri Markson. “Can you imagine if Donald Trump is exonerated from this after a trial which … doesn’t even stop him running.”

On AFR/FWS polling ahead of the NSW state election, Shanahan says that Dominic Perrottet’s run for New South Wales Premier “might be drying up” after a recent poll showed state Opposition Leader Chris Minns is on an increase as preferred premier. “I’d say you’re gonna have a Labor government, the question is whether it’s going to be a majority or a minority,” he told Sky News Australia.

Watch the interview here.

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