AFR/Freshwater Strategy post-budget polling

One of Australia’s top Political Editors, The Australian Financial Review’s Phil Coorey, writes up his analysis of the latest AFR/Freshwater Strategy poll, conducted entirely after budget week.

One year on from Labor’s Federal election victory, Coorey analyses the public opinion landscape, and voter feedback on proposals put forward from both parties during budget week.

Coorey writes “Labor is losing ground on the cost of living, housing, the economy and migration, made worse by a “post-budget slump”, but will mark its first year in power with an election-winning lead and a prime minister still well ahead as preferred leader.

“A new AFR/Freshwater Strategy poll finds that although last week’s budget was designed to help with the cost of living while not exacerbating inflation, a majority of voters – 52 per cent – believe it has increased the chance of another interest rate rise.”

Read his analysis in The Australian Financial Review here.

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