AFR / Freshwater Strategy polling on ‘The Voice’

Awareness and vote intentions
Just two thirds of voters (63%) are aware that a referendum is set to take place. It is highest among older voters (those aged 55+), and lowest among younger voters (aged 18-34).

Almost one quarter of voters (23%) say that they are undecided about how they will vote at this time, but when asked which way they are leaning towards most, ‘Yes’ leads with two thirds of voters (65%).

Support for The Voice is strongest among younger voters (85%) and opposition (i.e., ‘No’) is strongest among those aged 55 and over (58%).

Information and understanding
When asked how well, if at all, they understand what an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament will be, and what powers it will have, just half of voters (50%) say that they understand very (12%) or fairly well (38%). Half of voters say they understand it not very well (31%) or not at all (19%).

When asked if they thought that they had enough information to make an informed decision about how they will vote, a majority of voters (50%) say that they do not and need more.

Of those who are undecided about how they will vote, just 8% say that they have sufficient information to make an informed decision, as do less than half of ‘Yes’ voters (49%).

An article by The Australian Financial Review, featuring these results, can be found here.

Freshwater Strategy interviewed a representative sample of 1,209 adults eligible to vote living in Australia, online, on 16-18 December 2022. Data are weighted. The margin of error for top-line results is +/- 3%.

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