Report on fixing intergenerational inequality in Britain

The Adam Smith Institute’s latest paper, was written by John Macdonald, James Sean Dickson and Dr. Michael Turner (Director at Freshwater Strategy, and Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute).

The report proposes policies to address the causes of Britain’s growing intergenerational inequality.

The paper also features polling and insights of British voters, conducted by Freshwater Strategy.

The report proposes that:

  1. Intergenerational inequality is not just an issue of fairness between the young and the elderly. The ways in which it is expressed are a drag anchor on the productivity and economic growth that Britain desperately needs;
  2. Drastic reforms to planning, tax, welfare and education are needed to boost productivity, wages and prosperity, and lower taxes from a postwar high;

Polling contained in the report shows that support for building more homes in areas local to voters is rising; with support up 14pts, to 52%, and opposition is down 8pts to 25%.

Find the results and the full report, here.

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